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  • United States Events: We can host in the United States Distinguished Speakers such as partners from an international law office; an important leader of business; or senior government officials from another country.
  • World Honor to General Counsel: The Directors Roundtable presents the leading global honor to General Counsel.

We are asking firms to recommend the General Counsel of major public, private, or government corporations in their region that might be honored. Go to "Contact Us" to send us a suggestion.

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The Directors Roundtable organizes free corporate governance seminars for directors and their advisors. We create programs for corporate directors to discuss their issues and concerns with other business leaders and distinguished experts. Therefore we provide challenging topics to focus on key developments, regulations, and practical solutions.  With this information, directors and their advisors can directly impact their company and roles positively.  Find our Privacy Policy here.

Our programs often have Guest Speakers from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice and other government agencies.  Where materials are available, these are provided free via the website to anyone interested.  We also provide Continuing Legal Education credit for attendees to many of our live programs.

The Directors Roundtable began operation in 1991.  Since that time, we have organized over 800 events across all the major continents.  Our signature “World Honor for General Counsel” series started in 2005 and has featured more than 60 major companies from around the globe.

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World Recognition of Distinguished General Counsel – Transcripts

The Directors Roundtable presents the outstanding worldwide recognition to General Counsel. A full-color, downloadable version of the entire transcript is available here for the following honorees:

Additional transcripts are available at Key Docs.

Recognizing Judiciary and Contributions to the Rule of Law
Nobel Laureate – Transcripts & Executive Summaries