New Projects

Global Change Events

The Directors Roundtable Institute is organizing a series of events on the effects of changes in national and global government policies and business and legal strategies. There will be one law firm and one accounting or consulting firm as Distinguished Speakers at each event.

Please let us know if your firm is interested in speaking, co-hosting, and participating in creating the agenda and in recommending the important government and private industry guest Panelists in one or more of these civic events nationally and globally.

The events are being scheduled throughout the year. The invitees include Directors, C-Suite Executives, and In-House Counsel of most major financial institutions, hedge funds, private equity firms, and Main Street corporations. Registration in New York is typically 200-300 per event and in other cities 100-150.

The diverse topics, among others, may include issues related to:

  • Changes in the U.S. administration, Congress, and other governmental agencies and how this affects American businesses;
  • Changes in the EU due to BREXIT and how this affects global economies;
  • Changes in regulation; enforcement, litigation; disclosure; Federal Reserve and SEC;
  • Impacts and regulations affecting investors, investment managers, corporate customers, and consumers;
  • Risk management; insurance coverage;
  • Merger & acquisitions resulting from global changes;
  • Governance; executive compensation; personal liability and how corporations can best survive.