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The Directors Roundtable organizes the preeminent worldwide programming for directors and their advisors. We have created the leading forum for corporate directors to discuss their issues and concerns with peers and distinguished experts. The challenging topics focus on key developments, regulations, and pragmatic solutions directly impacting their company and their roles.


The Directors Roundtable wishes to host senior officials of government agencies internationally during 2013. Our invitation lists include the majority of key legal decisionmakers for large corporations globally as well as most Directors, C-Suite Executives, Private Equity and Hedge Fund Leaders, and Large Investors. At each event there will be one law firm, and one accounting or service firm to co-host and speak. The timing of the programs is flexible. The local securities regulator can also join the government speaker.

There are two other proposed programs that can be considered:
• United States Events: We can host in the United States Distinguished Speakers such as partners from an international law office; an important leader of business; or senior government officials from another country including the President, Prime
• World Honor to General Counsel: The Directors Roundtable presents the leading global honor to General Counsel. We are asking firms to recommend the General Counsel of major public, private, or government corporations in their region that might be honored. Prior Honorees for this series have been the General Counsel of ArcelorMittal, Bechtel, Bell Canada, BlackRock, Carlyle Group, Chevron, Citigroup, Computer Sciences, Dubai World, DuPont, Fidelity Investments, Ford Motor, Freddie Mac, GlaxoSmithKline, HSBC, Intel, Kraft Foods, Lockheed Martin, Manulife, Marsh & McLennan, Medtronic, Microsoft, Nestle, News Corporation, Nokia, Procter & Gamble, Raytheon, Royal Dutch Shell, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Total, UBS, and Viacom. (The events honoring General Counsel had a panel of law firms in contrast to the other events which have one law firm.)
Please contact:
Audrey Wishnick Greenberg, Esq. at (310) 752-3952
or e-mail her at
to discuss these opportunities. Further information about the Directors Roundtable can be found on this website.

Key Documents

World Recognition of Distinguished General Counsel - Transcripts
The Directors Roundtable presents the outstanding worldwide recognition to General Counsel. A full-color, downloadable version of the entire transcript is available here for the following honorees:

Philippe Legrez, Michelin
Paris, 6/5/2014

Thomas Moriarty, CVS Health
New York, 5/29/2014

Dr. Richard Thurston, TSMC
New York, 3/27/2014

John Cannon, WellPoint
Los Angeles, 2/13/2014

Debra Valentine, Rio Tinto
London, 12/4/2013

Sabine Chalmers, Anheuser-Busch InBev
New York, 11/18/13

Marie Giguère, Caisse de dépôt
et placement du Québec
Montréal, 10/9/2013

Peter Rees, Royal Dutch Shell
London, 9/18/13

John Suydam, Apollo Global Management
New York, 9/11/13

Cameron Findlay, Medtronic
Minneapolis, 5/15/13

Ronald Cami, TPG
New York, 2/7/13 

Markus Diethelm, UBS
New York, 1/18/13 

Janet Langford Kelly, ConocoPhillips
Houston, 1/15/13 

David Scott, Amgen
Los Angeles, 11/30/12 

Dr. Peter Herbel, Total
Paris, 5/24/12

Martine Turcotte, Bell Canada
Montreal, 5/8/12

Simon Evans, ArcelorMittal
London, 11/10/11

George Dalton, Dubai World
New York, 11/8/11

Michael Bailey, Bechtel Group, Inc.
Washington, D.C. 6/2/11

Connie Collingsworth,
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
London, 4/8/2011

Deborah Majoras, Procter & Gamble
Washington, D.C., 1/20/11

Robert Connolly, BlackRock
New York, 11/16/10

Thomas Sager, DuPont
Washington, D.C., 10/14/10

Louise Pentland, Nokia
New York, 9/14/10

Marc Firestone, Kraft Foods
New York, 2/17/10

Jeffrey Ferguson, The Carlyle Group
Washington, D.C., 12/4/09

Lawrence Jacobs, News Corporation
New York, 10/7/09

Terrance Carlson, Medtronic, Inc.
Minneapolis, 5/5/09

Michael Fricklas, Viacom
New York, 3/31/09

Richard Bennett, HSBC Holdings PLC
New York, 6/10/08

Bradford Smith, Microsoft
London, 1/22/08

Robert Bostrom, Freddie Mac
Washington, D.C., 10/11/07

Charles James, Chevron Corp.
San Francisco, 9/27/07

David Leitch, Ford Motor Co.
Washington, D.C., 6/12/2007

Jean-Paul Bisnaire,
Manulife Financial
Boston, 4/25/2007

Dr. Beat Hess,
Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum plc
New York, 1/24/2007

Jay B. Stephens, Raytheon Company
Washington, D.C., 10/18/2006

Peter Beshar, Marsh & McLennan Companies
New York, 10/13/2006

D. Bruce Sewell, Intel Corporation
Santa Clara, 10/10/2006

Peter Kurer, UBS AG
New York, 9/28/2006

Rupert Bondy, GlaxoSmithKline
Philadelphia, 9/19/2006

James Comey, Lockheed Martin
Washington, D.C., 7/13/2006

Hayward Dan Fisk, Computer Sciences Corporation
Los Angeles, 3/29/2006

Hans Peter Frick, Nestle SA
New York, 1/18/2006

Michael Helfer, Citigroup
New York, 5/12/2005

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