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The Impact of the Elections on National Tax Policies and on Personal & Corporate Taxes & Investments

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Registration and Light Refreshments (6:00 P.M.)
The Main Harvard Club, 374 Commonwealth Ave./Mass. Ave., Boston
Program 7:00 – 8:30 P.M.


This Distinguished Panel will discuss (1) major tax policy issues affecting individuals and companies; and (2) specific opportunities under the current tax code that individuals and corporations can apply to lessen tax payments and make investments.

Tax Policies

Despite the gridlock in Washington, the new Congress will attempt to change tax policies and stake out positions leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Major policies include income and estate taxes on the “1%” and their relationship to economic inequality; corporate tax reform including “lowering the rate and broadening the base”; closing corporate “loopholes” or redistributing tax benefits among industries such as energy and technology; and the effect of tax policy on growth, unemployment, and the deficit.

Personal and Corporate Taxes & Investments

The upcoming tax debates will be important for individuals and families as they consider their investment and tax strategies over the next several years. These strategies may include the appropriate role of municipal bonds; tax shelters; interest vs. dividends vs. capital gains; deferred income through 401Ks and educational/health savings plans; and others. Corporations will have to consider inversions; tax havens; stock vs. cash in structuring deals; healthcare benefit plans; and other tools for managing their tax liabilities.

Please register at the Harvard Club's website for this program. The Harvard Club’s registration fees cover their costs for hosting this program and the refreshments. The Directors Roundtable is a civic organization and will not receive any of these fees.